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Design Thinking workshop

Design Thinking

Starting with empathy to define the problem space helps the AIS with insights to help it redesign its internet website.

A Design Thinking workshop to establish a vision for the AIS website

Our challenge

Redesigning a corporate website often leads to business owners reflecting what they do, rather than asking themselves "what do our customers need?"

Zen Ex Machina was engaged by the AIS to coach its website redevelopment project through its envisioning stage to help create a strong foundation of users' needs as the basis of its delivery.

Our solution

In several sessions with internal stakeholders, business owners and staff, ZXM ran Design Thinking workshops to raise awareness of and create empathy for website users' needs.

empathy mapping on the whiteboard Empathy mapping

Starting with Personas, participants:

  • Storytelling – shared their experiences of their stakeholders and customers, including motivations and their needs
  • Behaviours and preferences – identified the preferred channels of their customers to engage, collaborate and make use of services: both online and off-line
  • Creating empathy – created empathy maps and user journeys
  • Solutions – created and iterated key concepts aligned to the context of the needs identified

channel cards on the table Identifying channel preferences for engagement

user journeys User journeys

The results

As a result of these workshops, ZXM gave the AIS a strong vision for their website redesign project – one aligned to a deep understanding of the actual needs of users with the capability to fulfil them.

Case studies