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Clinicians at work

Zen Ex Machina creates a business case for a clinician's collaboration platform

The Department of Health considers creating an online collaboration platform for its National Lead Clinicians Group.

A business case for a clinician's collaboration platform

Our challenge

Clinical leadership in Australia and engagement across all levels of the health system, from local to national, are seen as a critical component to deliver reforms that will alleviate the pressures of 21st century health care.

To achieve its aims for enhancing collaboration, the National Lead Clinicians Group, through the Department of Health, engaged ZXM to describe the case to build an online, collaboration platform.

Our solution

ZXM engaged with stakeholders over a two-week period and then described and costed a solution that comprised the following five major functional areas:

Short-form articlesEnable clinical best practice to be proposed in detail with the invitation to review and comment
Threaded discussionsEnabling multi-way discussions between clinicians regarding complex issues
News, events & pollsProviding the capability to disseminate news and quickly ascertain the mood of clinicians on a specific issue
Hyper customisationEnabling clinicians to see information that aligns with their needs rather than a one-size fits all view
Trusted partners contentEnabling content to be pulled from vetted content providers to provide news, events and content that supplement informtion within the collaboration platform

The results

Within a few short weeks, ZXM developed a comprehensive, costed business case for a 21st century, collaboration platform, outlining implementation methods, resources needed, technology recommendations and project risk. This enabled the Department of Health to engage the market and quickly deliver a much needed support capability to their National Clinicians Network.

Case studies