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Gold Creek Website shown on Apple devices

A modern web presence for Gold Creek businesses

Zen Ex Machina creates a modern spin to the old fashioned business directory for the Gold Creek businesses in Nichols, Canberra

A Website for Small Businesses

Our challenge

Many of the small businesses in the Gold Creek region had complementary offerings: a chapel, a catering businsses, wedding gifts. Their customers, however, had a low awareness of the variety and depth of shopping, food and entertainment available.

ZXM was engaged to create a smart, modern and professional online business directory for the small businsses in the Gold Creek region. The key challenge was to ensure that it was not only easy to use but also provided cross-promotion of businsses to maximise the opportunity for customers to engage using mobile devices.

Our solution

ZXM focussed on a simple solution:

  • Responsive design – so that a single design would provide ease of use across mobile, tablet and desktop platforms without the need to build a specialised app.
  • Wordpress CMS – ensuring the website could be rapidly developed at a low-cost.
  • Related links plugins – for cross-promotion of offerings.
  • Facebook integration – so that events could be managed through Facebook and more easily reach their audience through this social media channel.

The results

The cross-promotion of businsses in their website has enabled each to leverage each others' strengths and open up opportunities to their customers that were not possible in the physical world. This has increased walk-ins and improved visibility of all of the offerings of the Gold Creek village.

Case studies