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Zen Ex Machina coaches the Department of Health in Scrum

To deliver the HSO digital gateway ontime, ZXM coached the Department through adoption of Scrum.

Digital Transformation of HSO at Department of Health using Scrum

Our challenge

With only 9 months to go in a 12 month roll-out plan, the Department of Health engaged ZXM to guide them through adoption of an agile method – Scrum – as the key driver of their digital transformation program.

Our solution

ZXM trained the HSO project team, from the product owner through to the project manager, the Health HSO business area and the IT team. Teaching them everything from Deming Cycle to Lean and Scrum through play-based exercices helped all stakeholders understand the basics without the need for heavy theory and Death By Powerpoint. Overall, in just a single day, everyone knew what to expect in what we'd do together to transform the way they worked to be value-focussed and to continuously improve both product delivery and product quality.

ZXM then helped to create focus and discipline by coaching the team through 4-week Sprints. Specifically, ZXM supported the Department's Scrum Master and Product Owner by providing advice, teaching them new techniques and practices, and helping make minor adjustments to the team's collaborative behaviour, to help them deliver on-time.

The results

In a few short weeks, ZXM saw a dramatic improvement in cross-functional collaboration where before there were functional silos. This enabled the HSO business team and the Scrum team continuously assess the minimal viable product they would deliver and what features would then be added on top. For the first time in years, rather than deliver an outcome at the end of a 12 month project, the Scrum team delivered their first functional forms in as little as 8 weeks.

This success, the high transparency, the improved business engagement, and increased delivery output of the HSO Scrum Team then prompted the Department to then launch its second Scrum team. The Department and its PMO are now considering training options for the whole of its IT staff and opportunities to further extend the use of Scrum into the wider business areas, including into its policy and health programs.

Case studies