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Improving project management with Scrum and Lean.

ZXM introduces Scrum and Lean practices across software and non-software teams to improve delivery capability, quality and reduce project risk.

ZXM improves the AIS project management capability maturity

Our challenge

ZXM was engaged by the AIS to improve the capability maturity of its project management. While the AIS had a number of policies and processes for project management there was an acknowledgement that projects could be managed with less risk, less waste, greater transparency and with improved rigour, while still maintaining compliance with the Australian Federal Government's P3M3 framework.

Our solution

ZXM designed a program of coaching to raise awareness amongst project managers of good-practice regarding supporting and managing projects in a 21st ICT environment. This program focussed on teaching agile concepts through game-based learning that promoted:

  • Continuous, just-in time* planning
  • Routine inspect/adapt cycles
  • Transparency through visualisation of work in-progress
  • Management of the flow of work

The results

Within 3 months, ZXM embedded Product Owner and Scrum behaviours within the AIS' project managers. This new capability enabled them to manage scope, enable their teams to be self-organising, and to plan on a cadence to enable improved reporting of outcomes over tasks and activities.

The project management improvements that resulted were:

  • Improved planning capability
  • Improved stakeholder and communications management
  • Improved transparency
  • Reduced risk through continuous improvement
  • Increased team morale
  • Increased quality of software
  • Increased cost avoidance through removing waste

* at the last responsible moment

Case studies