Applications Development

What we do

ZXM's focus is on modern platforms – mobile, tablet, website and applications – integrated with 21st century enterprise architecture solutions that encompass SAP, CRM and ERP.

Software Development

Our software and applications development capability encompasses:

  • Java DevelopmentJava
  • Adobe AirAdobe Air
  • Adobe FlexAdobe Flex
  • Adobe FlashAdobe Flash
  • Adobe LifecycleAdobe Lifecycle
  • OracleOracle Fusion & Siebel CRM
  • JiraJira &
    Jira Agile
  • ConfluenceConfluence
  • BitbucketBitbucket
  • MercurialMercurial

How we work

Agile Development with Scrum

ZXM uses Scrum to deliver its software, ensuring continuous, iterative deployment.


Scrum's collaborative nature encourages engagement with our clients so that they have complete control over our Sprint Goals – what we work on and when.

End-to-end Visibility

We focus our development work on collaboration, openness and transparency. End-to-end traceability is key to the success of our iterative delivery as it ensures all our efforts result in the benefits & outcomes required by our clients, and that our Sprints goal are always of high value.

Kanban board Our use of Kanban boards encourage and invite engagement from clients & stakeholders

When working onsite with our clients, we make use of physical Kanban boards. All our standup meetings are held here with an open invitation to stakeholders and end-users, reinforcing radical transparency of all of our work.