Management Advisory Services

What we do

Compliance and standards drive many organisations, from banking and utilities to government.

Our advisory services cover compliance, audit and strategic solutions to ensure your management, financial, risk and governance frameworks are sound and compliant.

  • continuous improvementP3O audit & assessment
  • HeartUsability & accessibility assessment
  • The Iron TriangleProject management maturity assessment
  • Dollar signBenefits/outcomes realisation
  • ValueValue chain mapping

How we work

P-D-C-A / Deming Cycle

ZXM uses the Deming Cycle to deliver its work – an iterative approach used to introduce continuous improvement from continuous delivery.

Deming Cycle

Specifically, ZXM use P-D-C-A in the form of Scrum – one of many agile methods – as the basis for all our consulting products – from user-experience reports to strategic reviews.

We focus on clarifying governance – roles & responsibilities

With process definition comes roles and responsibilities. The greatest risk lies where there is ambiguity regarding who is responsible for undertaking which action. Process for process sake, though, increases the risk of ambiguity in compliance – where reporting masks transparency.

ZXM uses Lean to guide its process definition to ensure that transparency and reporting are balanced.


RACI-VS is also heavily used by ZXM to review and audit governance frameworks to underpin a shared understanding of roles and responsibilities without ambiguity or assumption.